Nintendo Have Blocked Their Letterbox

by on November 1, 2013

In a typically Nintendo move, the Japanese company have today ceased the Nintendo 3DS’s Letter Box service. For those who aren’t aware, this is an application on the handheld that allowed 3DS/2DS owners to send handdrawn notes and letters to registered friends via Spotpass or Streetpass. The service is also used by Nintendo to promote upcoming games and events.

The reason for the service being stopped, is because of suspected misuse of the system. That is to say, that Nintendo has concerns that users were registering friends over the internet (as most people like to do) and using the system to send each other inappropriate messages and photos.

Full details are available on Nintendo’s site and there is no confirmation on whether or not the service will be available again in the future.

Whether or not you used the service, I’m sure you agree with me that this is a ridiculous move on Nintendo’s part. They will mark this one up as protecting minors from inappropriate content, but that’s simply ridiculous. Further crippling the 3DS social functions is a baffling move and proves that Nintendo really need to stop thinking that they have to coddle their customers.

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