Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason International Champions Launches

by on January 30, 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason has been available for download on the Xbox One since it launched in November, and offers gamers the chance to play the Wake Racing (jet-ski) activity from the main game completely for free. Microsoft say that almost one million gamers have jumped in and downloaded the Preseason game, and its companion app the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub.

Now Rare have announced a new competition, known as Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason International Champions – which will see gamers from around the world representing their country to see which nation will come out on top. The competition launches on February 1, and players can race to set their best times in the Wake Race event, which will then appear on the national and international leaderboards. At the end of February, whoever has the overall top time will receive a Gold jet-ski in-game, with everyone who comes top in their country getting a Silver jet-ski.

Even if your country comes out top of all the nations, you will receive a jet-ski themed to your nation. A series of daily challenges and rewards will also be available throughout the month, with all of this leading up to the release of the full retail version of Kinect Sports Rivals later in the Spring. For a game which was supposed to be the flagship Kinect title, it is a shame that it wasn’t available at the launch of the console – but fans will at least be able to get involved in the game in one way or another this month.