Newsround #74 (14/01/14) – SimCity Offline, Nintendo Online and Broken Age

by on January 14, 2014

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On today’s show:

  • I still don’t really know what Mew-Genics is (GodisaGeek)
  • PC title Outlast coming to PS Plus in February (GodisaGeek)
  • Poster prematurely reveals CoD: Ghosts DLC (GodisaGeek)
  • Sledgehammer rumoured to be working on next-gen CoD (NowGamer)
  • Obsidian working on next-gen game, it appears (VG247)
  • Undead Labs signs a big deal with Microsoft Studios (GodisaGeek)
  • Black Tusk hiring writer for their mysterious Xbox game (OXM)
  • Spencer says Xbox One is probably not Microsoft’s final console (NowGamer)
  • Broken Age Act 1 no longer an Early Access game (Polygon)
  • PS Vita outsold Wii U, last year (Eurogamer)
  • Nintendo is sorry that Europeans still can’t watch TVii (MCV)
  • Wii U developer outlines launch struggles with online (Eurogamer)
  • Take your metropolis offline in SimCity (GodisaGeek)