Senran Kagura Burst European Trailer Shows Combo Combat

by on January 29, 2014

The new Senran Kagura Burst European trailer gives us a glimpse of impressive 100+ hit ninja swordplay, alongside the usual serving of Senran Kagura boobies.

Senran Kagura Burst is a beat-em up with a ludicrous high flying combat engine that focuses on showmanship over intense difficulty.

Not that you can’t have your Senran tricky. Turn up the challenge (by playing with less clothes, and thus armour), and the game will tax you.

But, as this trailer shows, there’s a slight spot of character upgrading at work as you play, so it’s not all oogling mammaries in 3D. It’s not. Shut up. There’s a lot of story to read as well. Story featuring all the girls.

Anyway, the game looks like it will be entertaining, and don’t forget that GAME, and other certain retailers, are offering a sweet poster for those that pre-order Senran Kagura Burst.

I know the game is receiving heat from some places but, honestly, I think the fighting looks fun.