Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Updates Include Micro-Transactions, Coming to PC in June

by on April 28, 2014

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden warfare may not have been one of the most hotly-anticipated titles of the new console generation, but it has managed to gather quite a following due to its light-hearted gameplay and sense of humour. The title received the new Zomboss Down DLC pack for free a couple of weeks ago, but that isn’t the end of the updates.

For those who weren’t already aware, the free Zomboss Down pack added:

  • Cactus Canyon: a new Gardens & Graveyards map.
  • 8 new playable character variations.
  • Over 200 new customization items.
  • Zomboss Downsticker pack, featuring exclusive new character items and customizations.
  • New plant reinforcements: Bamboo Shoot, Fire Peashooter and Ice Peashooter.
  • Max character level increased from 20 to 30.
  • 10 new achievements.
  • Lots of fixes, improvements, tuning and balance changes.

On top of that, Popcap and EA have also rolled out the following changes:

  • Gardens & Graveyards scoring has been overhauled to better balance scores between plants and zombies.
  • Gnome Bomb overall coin rewards have been increased.
  • We’ve increased coin rewards in Garden Ops based on difficulty played.
  • ‘Solo’ and ‘2-Player’ bonuses in Garden Ops have been introduced.
  • Numerous new coin rewards for support actions, assisted vanquishes and defending or attacking mode objectives, and using abilities in Boss Mode.

More free DLC packs and gameplay updates have also been promised by the team, but the major news today is the addition of micro-transactions into the game. Previously, gamers simply had to play and re-play gameplay modes in order to earn coins, to buy upgrades and supplies in-game. But now Popcap is giving its players the choice – they can carry on playing to earn coins, or they can now alternatively choose to purchase coins for real-world money from the sticker Shop, in order to speed things up a little.

For gamers who don’t mind waiting, or don’t want to spend more money – this changes nothing, however for impatient gamers it provides another avenue for progression, where they don’t have to grind through the main game in order to make all of their purchases. So no need to jump on the EA-baiting bandwagon, Garden Warfare remains a free game, unless you choose to take a short-cut.

In other news, they’ve also informed us that you’ll be able to play the game on PC, too. That version is coming on June 24th, and here’s a trailer to celebrate:

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