FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition Includes £30 of FUT Packs

by on June 13, 2014

Its safe to say that Fifa Ultimate Team has become the franchises most popular game mode and a significant moneymaker for EA. If FUT is your type of thing then you should consider pre-ordering the Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Edition. The Ultimate Team Edition includes over $40 of additional FUT content, but it also carries a £59.99 price tag.

Included in the FUT edition is 40 gold packs that can be redeemed once a week over 40 weeks. These packs alone equate to over £30 in value. Also included is a Messi player card on loan for a 5 games, three new celebrations (Kiss the Wrist, Stand Tall, and Flag Kick), the Adidas All-Star Team, the Adidas Predator boot bundle and the historic kit bundle.

If the extra £10 price tag is too much you can pre-order the standard edition that includes 15 ultimate team packs and other retailer specific bonuses that are yet to be announced.