Pinball FX2 Now Will Allow Table Importing Between Xbox 360 & Xbox One

by on July 30, 2014

Pinball FX2 was only announced for Xbox One two weeks ago, but already Zen Studios have provided a swift response to some angry reaction. When the game was revealed, it was confirmed that players would not be able to import tables that they had previosuly purchased on the Xbox 360 version, into the Xbox One game.

This obviously upset quite a few of the loyal fans of the series, who have amassed quite a back catalogue of downloaded pinball tables. But fear not, Zen Studios can now happily confirm that with the help of Microsoft – and due to customer feedback – the option to import tables between the two versions will now be added. Any table that was previously purchased on the Xbox 360 version – and is compatible with the new game – can be imported at launch, free of charge.

This sadly does mean that the Xbox One version of Pinball FX2 will see a slight delay in its release, as this extra feature needs to be coded into the game. So the title will no longer launch this week, but will be delayed until some point next month. That isn’t too long to wait, and considering that gamers will now be able to import all their old content for free, it is an understandable delay.