New Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Trailer Appeared!

by on August 11, 2014

After hosting hit after glorious hit, the 3DS is going through a bit of a lull at the moment. Nintendo’s uber popular little portable has consistently been home to some of the greatest games of the last few years, however, the next few months are looking decidedly quiet. Not for Pokémon fans, however, with the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire edging ever closer.

Nintendo have just sent over a new trailer, which unearths several new Mega-Evolved Pokémon. You can check out the trailer below – in it you will see Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence and Mega Lopunny.

Early adopters will also be able to get their hands on a special Shiny Bedlum holding Megarossite Mega Stone (thats a lot of Megas, people..). This Shiny Beldum will evolve into Shiny Metang and then into Shiny Metagross. Players can then harness the power of the Mega Stone and Mega Evolve Shiny Metagross into Shiny Mega Metagross.

Are you excited for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? Check out the trailer and make your voices heard in the comments section, below!

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