Bayonetta 2 Launches In UK on October 24th With Three Retail Editions

by on September 5, 2014

In a new Nintendo Direct video, weighing in at around the 30-minute mark – Bayonetta 2 got a confirmed European release date of October 24. That means gamers only have around six weeks to wait until they can get their hands on the sequel to one of the most unique titles of the last console generation.

Nintendo and Platinum Games also revealed that the game will get three different editions at retail. As well as the previously-announced regular edition and special edition, they confirmed that there would be a new First Print Editions. This edition will include; Disc versions of Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U Bayonetta remake, plus The Art of Bayonetta 2 art book, in special 3D embossed leather-effect packaging that faithfully recreates The Hierarchy of Laguna, the book of angels that documents the angelic foes Bayonetta meets on her adventures.

The Special Edition simply bundles the two disc versions of Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta together and the solus edition is just Bayonetta 2. On top of all of that, there will be digital versions of Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta on the Nintendo eShop at launch, and discounts will be offered for gamers who want to purchase both games in the eShop.

Finally, the video confirms that the classic Nintendo cosplay outfits from the Bayonetta Wii U remake will also be included in Bayonetta 2, and Rodin will be a playable character in the multiplayer Tag Climax mode. There is a lot of new clips and details from the game to be gleamed from the long video feature, and fans of the series are bound to have their excitement reach fever-pitch, with all of this new information.

See the new Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct video below, and read our preview here.