MadCatz R.A.T TE Gaming Mouse Review

by on September 4, 2014

Finding the right gaming mouse to meet your individual tastes is no easy task. With all the different styles, button combinations and sizes available, searching for the best option is a daunting task. However, the R.A.T. TE mouse from Mad Catz manages to tick so many boxes it’s hard to imagine that anyone could dislike it.

One of the R.A.T. TE’s major features is the incredibly impressive 8200dpi laser sensor that allows for incredible accuracy. When set to the 8200dpi setting I can move the cursor across my two screens by moving the mouse a couple of centimetres. If the high sensitivity isn’t for you, the mouse comes pre-programmed with 4 dpi settings that can be changed on the fly by pressing the button located just below the scroll wheel. A very handy LED indicator on the left hand side of the mouse will show you which of the four settings you are using. You can also customise the exact dpi of each setting within the supplied software.

The software included allows you to create custom profiles and modes. Each profile has three different modes that can be changed by using a button next to the left click; again an LED indicator will show which mode is in use. The creation of modes and profiles allows for incredible customisation. For example, I have a profile that kicks in when I start Dota 2, which maps the Dota abilities to the extra buttons on the mouse and makes the scroll wheel change songs on Spotify.

On the buttons front the TE features the standard left and right click as well as a clickable scroll wheel. It also includes the previously mentioned dpi switch, which can be disabled and used for other purposes, two thumb buttons and a precision aim button which all reside on the left side of the mouse. The buttons themselves all feel solid; the side buttons have a fair amount of resistance so the chances of accidentally miss clicking one when moving the mouse is very slim.

Another great feature (especially for FPS fans) is the precision aim button. When pressed it dramatically reduces the dpi, allowing for more precise movements. This is especially great when using a sniper in an FPS, the lowered dpi allowing greater control of the scope movements to making sniping in CS:GO a lot easier, although it does almost feel like cheating.

When you first get your hands on the R.A.T. TE it feels quite small and more suited towards those with a claw grip. Fortunately, the palm rest can be moved back a considerable amount by simply pressing a leaver and pulling it into position. Even those with the biggest of hands will find the TE comfortable. The overall feel of the mouse, despite its quirky design, is fantastic and the thumb rest only adds to the comfort level. The only issue here is that the mouse is not suited to left handed gamers at all.

Amazingly, the R.A.T TE is incredibly light, coming in at 90 grams without the cable. This is mostly down to the entirely plastic build, which makes for a light and easy to move device. Unfortunately there is no way to add weight, so fans of heavy mice will be disappointed. The plastic panels on the R.A.T. feel incredibly strong and look great, the only issue is that they become slightly greasy if you have sweaty hands.

VERDICT: The R.A.T. TE is a brilliant piece of kit, which will meet the needs of almost all PC gamers. The lightweight yet sturdy build results in an incredibly comfy mouse and the extra buttons combined with the programming options make it versatile and most importantly functional. The extensive and impressive dpi settings allow for amazing precision and the traditional R.A.T. design is sure to impress at your next LAN. The only people who will be disappointed are fans of heavy mice and lefties, but for everyone else the R.A.T. TE is one of the best gaming mice available.

Review unit provided by MadCatz.