MegaServers heading to WildStar

by on October 13, 2014

MegaServers are arriving in WildStar later this week, or Wednesday to be more precise.

The MMO will go offline on Wednesday 15th October at 1pm and the maintenance could last up to 24 hours, however the new MegaServers will be worth it as they offer a significant increase in player capacity and make it easier to join friends. Also all players will be rewarded with a months worth of Boom-Boxes and a day of free game time.

A handy FAQ is available to answer any questions you may have, but the biggest changes are that all PvP players will be on the Luminai (EU) or Warhound (NA) servers while PvE players will be on Jabbit (EU) or Entity (NA). Players will also be prompted to add a surname to their character when the next sign in to remove the possibility of name clashes.

Back in June the now sadly departed (from God is a Geek, not life) Martin Baker took a look at WildStar and was more than pleased with it, you can see his review here.