Future WildStar Content Detailed.

by on December 17, 2014

WildStar developer Carbine has detailed the first content arriving in 2015.

Based on player feedback, a lot of the changes will streamline the experience, including a new training area for new players, and veteran missions at the high end.

You can read the full notes below:

  • Players will now have access to a low-level training dungeon called Protogames Academy, teaching them the team mechanics that will lead to greater success in group content.

  • We’re releasing a brand new level-six Shiphand Mission called They Came From Fragment Zero! which takes place in the unexplored reaches of the Halon Ring!

  • There are now Veteran versions of all Shiphand Missions, giving max-level solo and group players additional content once they reach level cap.

  • We have enhanced the LFG tool, which now includes access to all Shiphand Missions – allowing players to queue up whether they want to play solo or with a group.

  • A new random queue bonus has been added to the group finder that will yield valuable currency and experience along with helping queue times.

  • We added tons of new player customization options – including costumes, as well as the ability to alter your avatar’s physical appearance after character creation!

  • We made significant adjustments to the quest experience in our early zones, focusing on things like quest flow, objective counts, and group accessibility.

  • We’ve improved the Dungeon Medal system, providing greater insight into how you are progressing through a dungeon’s objectives, and rewarding you every step of the way.

  • We’ve added a new currency type called Glory which is earned by completing dungeons and raids. Glory can be exchanged for high-quality gear in the capital cities.

  • A new dungeon, called Ultimate Protogames, which offers our max-level players exciting new challenges from the galaxy’s most infamous (and profit-minded!) corporation!

  • We are adjusting the group size requirement for Datascape from 40 to 20 players, allowing more players to experience this awesome raid!