Sunset Overdrive Free for Xbox LIVE Gold Members this Saturday

by on November 21, 2014

According to Major Nelson, this Saturday (Nov 22nd), Xbox LIVE Gold members will be able to grab the full version of Sunset Overdrive and play for 24 hours. Achievements will count, and you can even save your progress, so if you decide to buy and continue, that’s taken care of.

Being the full game, you’ll be able to try the 8-player co-op too, which is excellent fun.

Seriously though, if you own an Xbox One but haven’t picked up Sunset Overdrive yet, and you don’t take advantage of this? Well, there’s just nothing I can do for you.

Below is our original preview video (impressions of the first two hours), and you can read our review, here.

Once the deal is live, you should be able to queue the game up directly from this link. It’s not the biggest one, but it’s well over 10gb, so give yourself some time.