Etrian Mystery Dungeon western release confirmed

by on December 3, 2014

Like Etrian Odyssey? Like the Mystery Dungeon games? Well then, you might be pleased to hear that Atlus are bringing their spin off game Etrian Mystery Dungeon to the west, at least in America.

Spring 2015 will see the arrival of what Atlus is calling a ‘roguelike RPG’. It won’t have the traditional first person view of older Etrian Odyssey games – abandoning this for a top down view where you control a party of four – , but it will offer a metric buttload (not my words) of customisation and exploration.

Taking its cue from the Mystery Dingeon games Etrian Mystery Dungeon will randomise the dungeon every time you enter, meaning you’ll never visit the same dungeon twice.

The game will be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be able to get more info over at the official site.