Xbox One Dashboard Will Have Game Hubs, Tile Transparency and TV Updates in February

by on January 14, 2015

Microsoft unveiled the features that will be rolled out in the next Xbox One update. As with other features, members of the Xbox One preview program will get to check out these first.

Game hubs will contain all new interesting content around your favourite games. Every Xbox One game will have a game hub where you can see which of your friends are playing the game, compete with your friends in game leaderboards, watch game clips and game broadcasts, and follow the game’s VIPs and top players.

After customer feedback, Microsoft have added additional tile transparency to the Home tiles to make background images more visible. Of course, some items can’t be made transparent due to usage rights/restrictions for certain images.

Finally, they are also releasing a lot of updates to the live TV experience and fix some existing compatibility issues with some of the latest televisions on the market.

These updates will be rolled out to the masses in February, while beta members will be able to access these new features by the time you read this.