Video Of Xbox One Dashboard Leaks Onto Internet

by on September 9, 2013

You may know that the privilaged few that work in the video games industry, be it press, publisher or developer; are occasionally given access to things that aren’t available to the general public: Betas, pre-release hardware, etc. In these situations, we have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), stating we won’t reveal or reproduce what we’ve seen/received until advised by the conditions of the NDA. The punishment for ignoring these NDAs can be pretty severe, from blacklisting of future pre-release items; to legal action.

So you can imagine that someone with access to an Xbox One posting self-filmed footage of himself playing the Xbox One and showing the new Dashboard isn’t going to go down too well with Microsoft.

Posted and removed on YouTube a number of times (via Reddit) and available below (so long as it hasn’t been removed yet), this video shows the Xbox One Dashboard in action; along with a look at some of it’s multitasking functions. Also, can I see Apps for Blu-Ray and TED in there as well?