Rockstar Release New GTA V PC Screenshots

by on February 27, 2015

Rockstar have released some new screenshots of the PC version of GTA and boy, aren’t they glorious.

The images show Los Santos looking more beautiful than ever, and highlight how the game will look when it finally lands on PC next month. Grand Theft Auto V for PC was initially planned to release alongside console versions last November before being pushed back to January 27, March 24 and finally April 14. Rockstar have said that they feel that the game requires extra polish before being released, thus the numerous delays.

Rockstar have offered players an extra $300,000 in-game cash for GTA Online if they pre-order the game through R* Warehouse of selected game retailers, and that’s on top of the initial $1.2m players will receive for pre-ordering either digitally or physically. It also expected that a trailer showing off Grand Theft Auto V’s new Rockstar Editor will be released in the coming weeks.

Check out the gorgeous screens below:



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