Grow Home is a Lovely Surprise

by on March 5, 2015

Coming from Ubisoft Reflections, the team currently working on The Division, and having just finished work on The Crew and Watch_Dogs, you’d be forgiven for expecting Grow Home to be a bombastic shooter, full of explosions, or radical dudes in cars with bizarre brother-murder plots.

But it’s not.

At all.

Instead, it appears to be a passion project, completely bereft of uPlay and any of the regular Ubisoft machinations (I’m not complaining, I’ve enjoyed most of Ubisoft’s games in recent times). It’s a platformer where you play a robot called B.U.D, who is collecting diamond-type objects, in a colourful world, with the aim to make a large, weird plant grow ever higher.. You control each of your robot’s arms, which means you can climb up rock-faces and more.

It’s… a lovely surprise, a fascinating game, and…well, have a look at the video as Colm and I chat about it.