Fallout 4 Coming November 10 + Everything We’ve Learned

by on June 15, 2015

Fallout 4 has been giving the stage-time it’s been promised since the trailer was released, and it garnered a huge response from the audience.

Todd Howard took to the stage to introduce the highly-anticipated title, and told the audience that development on Fallout 4 began almost straight after the release of Fallout 3. A trailer was then shown, which showed off numerous concept arts and design plans to highlight just how seriously Bethesda take game development and attention to detail.

It was announced that the game will take place before the nuclear disaster, and character creation will take place in front of the mirror using a new seamless mechanic. Players will be also able to tackle the apocalypse as a female, and the game will even create a baby based on the appearances of your male and female characters. Nostalgic references were made to Nuka-Cola and Vault-Tec.

Gameplay begins 200 years after the fallout, and you play as the sole survivor of Vault 111. The trailer shows off an enormous dynamic world, with Howard reiterating that player freedom remains Bethesda’s number one goal. Dialogue is also dynamic, with the ability to walk away from conversations at any time.

The audience cooed when the pooch, seen in the teaser and comically dubbed “Dogmeat”, made an appearance in the new trailer. Players will be able to command their pet by simply looking around and interacting with their environment.

The game was confirmed as taking place in post-apocalyptic Boston, followed by a montage of landmarks. The Pip-Boy will also be making a comeback, with Howard emphasising the work that went in to making the display come alive on the screen. There will be retro game tapes and audio tapes that can be found throughout the world and played.

It was also announced that a real-life Pip-Boy will be available with the Fallout 4: Collector’s Edition with a companion app on mobile to bring it to life. However, fear not collectors, the app will also be available for non Pip-Boy owners.

A new crafting system was premiered, with players being able to collect scrap from the wasteland and build and decorate their own homes, inventions and weapons. Other survivors will move into your settlement and open up shops to provide you with supplies. Players can build power grids to set up turrets to defend their settlement against attacking raiders.

Fallout 4 will boast a huge arms-modding system, including 50 base weapons and provide 700 additional modifications. The ability to create and modify your own power armour was also shown off. Players will be able to explore the world in first or third person, as shown off by a combat video. Slow-motion shots will also return, much to the pleasure of the audience.

Fallout 4 will release on November 10 this year.

Players will much to the pleasure of the audience.