Redfall update 3 brings more improvements, adds new weapon

by on November 17, 2023

Arkane Studios has announced the details of Redfall game update 3, which brings balance changes, improvements, and a new Sniper rifle to the game.

The new weapon is the Unrivaled Basilisk Sniper Rifle, a UV-powered sniper, which Arkane says has a unique trait. This weapoon “charges the first bullet in a full magazine with UV power that can petrify Vampires”. The developer says it “does not affect enemies recently Petrified or immune to Petrification”.  The basilisk can drop anywhere that Unrivaled items are eligible, but there’s a higher drop-rate from Bellwether-themed containers in the open world areas, and in nests.

There are a host of AI and NPC changes, but the balance ones are the most interesting:

  • Siphon’s Blood Torrent ability takes longer to interrupt when breaking line of sight.
  • Increased Siphon’s resistances to fire.
  • Vampires deal more damage to Bribón and Devinder’s Quantum Kerfuffle decoy when attacking from close range.
    Soulless enemies deal more damage when attacking players from close range.
  • Watchers react faster to players in line of sight, and spawn reinforcements in combat more often.


On top of this, human enemies can now climb awnings, and the enemy pathing and human movements has also been improved.

Some search area-based missions have been refined, while more respawn points have been added for areas that block it it after death. NPC patrol paths have been improved, while the heroes themselves have all been updated, too:

  • All damage-dealing Hero abilities will now shatter vulnerable Nest hearts.
  • Jacob’s Six String backpack cosmetic is now shown with other Backpack cosmetics.
  • Hero thumbs should no longer clip into assault rifles when equipped.

There’s a whole load of audio, performance, and user interface fixes and updates, too. This seems like the last update for Redfall for a little while now, as the developer closes its update article by saying “We’re continuing development of The Hero Pass and we’re excited to share more about Redfall’s new heroes and other updates later next year”. The game was plagued with issues when it launched, and lacked a performance mode, despite being on Microsoft’s Xbox Series S|X consoles, but that’s since been added via a previous update.

Redfall is out now for PC and Xbox Series S|X.