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by on July 21, 2015

At GodisaGeek, we’ve always tried to create the very best content, but we want to do more: more features, more videos, more of what our loyal readers, viewers, and listeners want to see.

By creating the stuff you want to see, it brings us closer to you. We can also make more of the things we actually want to, and enjoy, making. Games should be fun, and we want to do more fun things, as well as keeping up with the regular reviews, previews (and more) that you’ve come to expect.

And that’s why we’re turning to Patreon.

Now it may come as a surprise to some of you – especially given the great content we already put out – but we’re all part-time. Our major aim here will be to make (at least) one of our team full-time. That way we can be certain of covering all the major events that you guys love to read, bring you more interviews and previews, and generally improve on the high standard we’ve already got.

We won’t be removing content from the site, and you’ll get all the same stuff we currently provide – but patreon supporters will get more, and become closer to us. So help us out, hey?

We already run the site on little to no adverts, but your donation and support means we can be self-sustainable for the long-term future. People always tell us how much they like our site, so we’re asking for help to enable us to go further, be better, and do more.


For an idea of the kind of thing we want to do, see the video below. With more money, we can make more of this, and we can finish our concept album. We want to make this a full-length album, a series of songs, and Destiny is only the beginning.

Oh and just in case you are wondering, the t-shirt? Yeah, that’s rather cool. We’ll be selling them properly at a later date, but FOR NOW this is the only way to get one – and yes, we’ll ship internationally.

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