Metal Gear Solid V is Getting Costume DLC

by on September 18, 2015

Decorating your playable character in glamorous new outfits is what everyone wants to these days, and you’ll be able to dress up Snake, female prisoners and D-Horse(!!!) in all new costumes, that were revealed at Tokyo Game Show this week.

The men’s outfits are MGS3’s stealth came suit, new jungle fatigues and a dazzling tuxedo which will turn Snake into an eloquent English spy instantaneously*

The woman’s costumes, which can be worn by female prisoners that you’ve rescued and can then play as, consist of the trademark outfits of both The Boss and Eva from Snake Eater.

Finally, the best of all, is the new horse armours. There are two new costumes you can adorn D-Horse with, and they’re both equally great.

The first set appears to mimic either Ancient Roman or Ancient Greek attire, as the horse has a brilliant mane standing up right, with gold trimming. The second looks as if it’s in a style of Mexican ranchers. The lasso is a big give away (please let me use it) but the colour palette, patterns and devil horns also point towards that as well.

There are no details as of yet as to how much the pack will cost and when it will be released.

You can check out the new outfits below.

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