N++ Has Additional Secrets Waiting To Be Found

by on September 14, 2015

For those who have been loving the delight that N++ has brought them, Metanet have more up their sleeves in terms of secrets.

For those that have completed the solo game, you’ll be about 25% of the way through the whole game.

For those who carry on, fulfilling certain criteria will complete secret challenges such as activating all of the toggle mines, that in turn will unlock even more secret levels. You can view how the levels unlock in the embedded video above.
The secret levels are rehashes of previous levels given their own unique twist.

Completing all of the Secret Challenges will unlock a Final Secret Challenge, that will require all of your gained ninja skills in order to complete.

N++ is a big favourite at GodisaGeek and certainly worthwhile picking up with the sheer amount of content it has.