Jason Voorhees is Coming to Mortal Kombat X Mobile Game for Halloween

by on October 30, 2015

It may be Friday 30th and not Friday 13th, but Warner Bros. Interactive has unveiled that machete-wielding killer Jason Voorhees is coming to the Mortal Kombat X mobile game just in time for Halloween.

In both the Jason Challenge and Jason Multiplayer Season, you’ll get the chance to take control of this angry inhabitant of Camp Crystal Lake. Hopefully Sub-Zero, Raiden and the gang can subdue his need for revenge and provide a good old-fashioned bloodbath for your own warped enjoyment.

The Mortal Kombat X mobile game combines card-collecting, fighting and multiplayer to provide a fresh take on the popular fighting series, with characters old and new available for battle.

Mortal Kombat X is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices now. Jason Voorhees is behind you.