Kira-chan Is The Latest Free To Play Character In Block N Load

by on November 13, 2015

From today kawaii Kira-Chan is now playable as part of Block N Load’s free hero rotation that is debuting for the first time. This offers players the chance to play a new hero for a limited period of time completely free-of-charge.

Kira-Chan is a J-Pop assassin. Armed with customised, twin SMGs and the unusual Kitty Cannon.

Kira sprays her foes with fully automatic fire then assaults the enemy cube with rocket and grenade kittens! Her Popstar Portals allow for teleportation around the arena to surprise her enemies.

Kira takes the place of Sir Nigel Purdey-Longshott, who will be available for purchase in the Block N Load game store, ready to be added to your collection.

More info can be found on the website!

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