Gear up for Steamworld Heist by Watching the Launch Trailer

by on December 8, 2015

Steamworld Heist launches on December 10, and you know what that means……LAUNCH TRAILER TIME!!!

Brought to you by the people behind the lovely Steamworld Dig, Image & Form Games takes you on a strategic shooter galactic tour.

It launches, via eShop, worldwide (Japan excepted) on Thursday for Nintendo’s 3DS family of systems. Post launch there will be a free content update offering a bunch of new ‘fun-game stuff’ and French, German, Russian and Spanish languages. While that may seem odd, there is a sweetener for people not au fait with the English language. It’ll launch at $16.99/€16.99/£11.99, down from the RRP of $19.99/€19.99/£14.99, and they’ll even throw in a 3DS Home theme too. So, it does pay to adopt early even if English isn’t your mother tongue.

The embargo for review lifts tomorrow, and our review is coming, but it might land after release. We want to make sure we’ve adequately put it through it’s paces before we let you guys know what we think.