BOXBOY: One More Box Announced by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory

by on January 6, 2016

Nintendo and HAL have today announced a follow-up to last years indie BOXBOY!, titled BoxBoy: One More Box.

The sequel is currently available on the Japanese eShop, with a Western release assumed to be on the way considering the success of the original BOXBOY. Nintendo Everything reports that players will once again control Qbby, who can unleash boxes just like in the first game. Apparently he is more powerful, being able to release two boxes at once. Nintendo also commented saying that the stages are undauntedly powered up, providing players with even more of a challenge.

Medals collected in the different levels provide costumes, musics, and comics. Those with save data from the first BOXBOY! can also use costumes from that game. Our guy Nick gave the original 7.5 in his review, stating that it’s a “decent puzzle game that doesn’t overstay its welcome”.

See the Japanese trailer above.