Podcast 08/01/16 – Five go mad in VR

by on January 8, 2016

It’s a new year, so it’s a new podcast – sort of. Join myself and Colm as your new hosts of the podcast, as we welcome in the new year by completely ignoring the fact that Christmas happened (more on that in the Patreon extended edition) and instead spend some time talking to our regular third chair Dan “Murph” Murphy, as well as Calvin and Lee as this week’s rotating guests.

Talk starts on Undertale, and why it wasn’t listed in any of our Game of the Year categories, before edging slowly towards a chat about LEGO Dimensions (watch myself and Colm playing the Portal levels), then Star Wars (games and the new film – with NO SPOILERS), before rounding off with a feisty chat about VR, but mostly Oculus Rift and its announced price.

Patreon backers get a tasty thirty minutes that has nothing to do with games, and everything to with being sick at Christmas, panting frogs, and our time at school (pissed pants, adultery, and violence). If you’re curious about the video Calv talks about during his chat about The Old Republic, you can see it here.

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