Alan Wake is now playable on Xbox One

by on March 17, 2016

Xbox have added Alan Wake to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible titles, alongside Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Pac-Man.

We’ve known for a while now that Alan Wake was coming to Xbox One via backwards compat, following the announcement that players who pick up a copy of Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break on Xbox One will receive a free download code for Alan Wake, both of its DLC packs and the spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. For those who want Alan Wake but without having to buy Quantum Break, it’s available on the store for £14.99.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Pac-Man (2006) will cost you cost you £6.75 and £3.39 respectively.

Now lets just hope Alan Wake’s Return is on the way…