Alan Wake 2 best upgrades | Unlock these upgrades first

by on October 27, 2023

There are lots of choices in the game thanks to dual protagonists, so you might be a little frozen worrying what to spend your materials or words of power on first, but we’ve played through the game multiple times and have worked out Alan Wake 2 best upgrades for you, so you can plan your playthrough as you are going.

It’s worth noting that Saga and Alan have different styles of upgrade. While you can find words of power to upgrade Alan’s abilities, Saga will find materials in Alex Casey lunchbox stashes. However, what we mean by them being different is that there’s no real penalty for just going straight into Alan’s upgrades and picking what you think is best yourself, whereas with Saga we’d recommend holding onto your materials until you’ve found the third weapon.

On that note, from here out we’ll have to delve into spoilers, so be warned.

Alan Wake 2 best upgrades: Saga

Alan Wake 2 best upgrades SAGA

We strongly recommend taking the time to find every lunchbox you can, and holding off actually using the materials until you find the Tactical Crossbow. Then, we suggest getting the “Two Shots” and “Magnetic Pull” upgrades. This means you can fire two bolts before reloading, and also that you can fire one into an enemy (aim for the weak spot) and then switch to a bullet-based gun, and your aimed shots will be drawn to that initial bolt shot. Very handy, and very powerful for the early game.

In terms of Pistol, the “More Bullets” upgrade is incredibly useful and means you can hold another half a clip in your loaded chamber at any time. This will even free up some storage, too, so is a great upgrade.

Shotgun wise, the “Ready for More” upgrade means you will regain health when killing enemies, which is a no brainer. Lastly the Rifle upgrade “Feedback Loop” is great for when multiple enemies are attacking, as it means you can shoot faster. That said, “Way Home” is very handy too, since it means you don’t have to worry about removing Darkness shields with your torch.

Best upgrades for Alan Wake

Alan Wake 2 best upgrades

You’ll have to search these out specifically, so we’d recommend using our guide for the words of power locations, but in terms of which ones to beeline for first, here’s what we think.

Words of Fix: Wellness Retreat (Increases maximum health by 15%).

Words of Gun: Roulette (Provides 5% chance not to consume ammo when firing revolver).

Words of War: Full Stop (Increases damage dealt by the last bullet in the revolver’s chamber by 25%).

Words of Stuff: All three of these are important, get them asap!

Words of Aid: Torchbearer (Increases Hand Flare’s area of effect by 13% and duration by 1 second).

Words of Action: Never There (Make Alan harder to detect) – upgrade this as well if possible.

Words of Lamp: Main Attraction (Restores 5%R of Max Health when using Flashlight Boost on Hostile Shadows).

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