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by on October 27, 2023

If you haven’t heard or seen any of the Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme puzzles yet, you probably are in the wrong place. The Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme puzzles are littered throughout Saga’s story, and can be brain bustingly cheeky. You will often have to find the models you need to solve the puzzle first, and then sometimes after you’ve solved it, finding your reward is a challenge in itself.

With our handy guide you should be able to solve all the Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme puzzles, as we’ve got the solutions for each one. You’re welcome!

Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme puzzles: what are they?

Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme

There will be plenty of them, but you’ll likely see your first puzzle like this in the second chapter. Saga will find a rocky area with a piece of paper showing a nursery rhyme. There will be little figurines nearby, and the idea is you need to place the correct figure on the corresponding chalk drawing, to solve and complete the puzzle.



Note: This guide is a work in progress. As we discover more solutions, we will add them to this document.


Cauldron Lake locations & solutions

There are a total of 5 Nursery Rhymes to find as you explore Cauldron Lake, although not all of them are available until later in the story. We’ve listed them below in the order we recommend doing them. This is because you need to find figurines in some locations first to then use them later in other rhyme solutions too.

1. Near the Bridge

Dolls Required: Crow

Reward: Hammer Charm

This will likely be the first Nursery Rhyme you come across whilst playing, and can be accessed as early as Chapter 2. Once you have returned from the Overlap, the lake will have receded a little and you can explore the western area of the map. Once you cross over the bridge, you should see an area to your left.

Firstly, pick up the Crow Doll from the table, then turn around and explore the drawing on the ground. If you inspect it you will see the following inscription:

One bird for light, Two for darkness, Three birds for a fight, Four for a struggle, Five birds for injury, Six for misery, Seven for the ending, whatever it may be.

You then need to place the Crow Doll on one of the surrounding images. As we only have one bird, according to the Rhyme, we need to place it on Light, so place the Crow Doll on the Sun. This will activate a change in reality.

To claim your reward, look back to the table you picked up Crow Doll and you should see the Hammer Charm. Grab it, and make sure to pick up the Doll as well, as you will use it again later.

2. Witchfinder Station

Dolls Required: Hero, Wolf

Reward: Coffee Mug Charm

Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme

Next, you can head to the Witchfinder Station, on the Northwest of the map. You’ll find outside the Station, on the ground next to some equipment is another Nursery Rhyme. This one reads:

The Hero brave and strong left home to right a wrong, From the woods came the Wolf so greedy and hungry, That he ate what he found in the house without a host, The Hero returned to find she’d lost the thing she loved most.

Head into the Witchfinder Station, and go upstairs. In the children’s bedroom – the one with the playpen, you should find the Wolf Doll and Hero Doll to the right of it, by the window. Pick them up.

Now head back outside to the Rhyme. To follow the Rhyme, we must place the Hero Doll on the Boat and the Wolf Doll on the Tree. Again this will alter the reality, and you will see wolf paw prints that you can follow back into the Station and upstairs. Follow them, and then in the playpen, you will find the Coffee Mug Charm.

3. Private Cabin

Dolls Required: Crow, Hero, Wolf

Reward: Kalevala Knights Charm

Alan Wake 2 Nursery rhyme

From the Witchfinder Station, head towards the stream, and the entrance to the Private Cabin. You enter the enclosed area by going under a log. To the right is the Nursery Rhyme on the ground. It reads:

A mother-Crow sits in her nest, Guarding her babies and doing her best, To protect her home from the Beast coming to feast, But only a Hero brave of heart can keep the two apart.

Given you already have all the dolls required, you can place them right away. Place the Crow Doll on the Bird Egg, place the Wolf on the House, and place the Hero on the Heart.

Once more, reality is altered, but it might not be immediately apparent how. It’s not the Private Cabin you want; instead, you need to go back into the main area, under the log. On the ground, you should see a lot of black gunk, and you can actually follow it away from the Cabin and to the left. Eventually, you will come to a birdhouse that has broken (it was previously in the tree, and you can find it there before if you look). Inside the birdhouse is the Kalevala Knights Charm.

Note: As a result of the Nursery Rhyme, you may encounter a wolf prowling around, so take this out first before looking for the Charm.


More solutions coming soon

Watery locations & solutions

There are a total of 8 Nursery Rhymes to find as you explore Watery, although not all of them are available until later in the story. We’ve listed them below in the order we recommend doing them. This is because you need to find figurines in some locations first to then use them later in other rhyme solutions too.

1. Near the Shooting Range

Dolls Required: Moose

Reward: Coffee Mug Charm

As you head out from Watery towards Coffee World, you will be attacked by a couple of Taken enemies. Once they are defeated, follow the road around to the right to the Shooting Range area, and another Nursery Rhyme can be found on the floor. It reads:

The Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown, Runs through the woods with a worried frown, From the Hunter he flees between the mighty trees, To make it out alive.

By the Rhyme you will find two dolls, a Deer Doll and a Moose Doll. Be sure to pick both of them up. Although we’ll only be using the Moose Doll for this puzzle.

Place the Moose Doll on the Tree and that will alter the reality. You will see black moose tracks on the ground to follow back the way you came, and then you will find the Coffee Mug Charm at the foot of a newly-emerged Moose statue.

2. Near the Radio Tower

Dolls Required: Deer

Reward: Deer Charm

If you head to the Radio Tower on your map, and then head left and down a slope, you should find the next Nursery Rhyme on the ground next to the same familiar equipment. This time the clue for the Rhyme is:

Three little Deers ventured to roam, And found a nice place to eat and play, One little Deer never came home, And two of the Deer cried all day.

As before, the solution is to do with the single Deer Doll that we have. Place the Deer Doll on the House and this will alter reality.

Now look up and you will see a deer run off towards the Radio Tower, now follow it’s direction, but be prepared for a fight against two wolves. Take them out, and then you should be able to recover the Deer Charm from the corpse of the dead deer on the ground nearby.

3. Outside the Watery Lighthouse

Dolls Required: Wise Elder, Trickster

Reward: Deer Charm

The next Nursery Rhyme sees you head towards the Watery Lighthouse which is near the Trailer Park area. Head up to the lighthouse, taking down any Taken in your way. Before you head to the Nursery Rhyme itself, head to the front door of the Lighthouse, where you can pick up the MotherWise Elder, and Trickster Dolls.

Now head around the back of the Lighthouse, and you should see the Nursery Rhyme on the ground. It reads:

An old Watcher of the Sea before his demise, Cursed the waters that ruined his eyes, So he played a trick on the Ocean deep, The waves to fight and havoc to wreak, And in doing that wrong lost his soul’s song.

For this solution, we need to place the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye and the Trickster Doll on the Wave. This will again create a new reality.

Like before you need to follow the black markings on the ground, but this one is quite a trek away, but does make sense. Follow the markings back by the front door of the lighthouse, and then they turn left down the path towards the main road. Keep going until you reach the road.

At the road turn right again following the markings, until you get near the broken bridge. You then need to turn right again by the 20 speed sign, and follow a small path down to the water between some rocks. You will need to go under a log to get there. Explore to the left of this area and you will find the Lighthouse Charm on a rock near a boat.






4. Latte Lagoon, in Coffee World

Dolls Required: Moose, Deer, Trickster

Reward: Mr Drippy Charm

The next few Nursery Rhymes in Watery can only be discovered after you have completed the Overlap and the water has receded. This opens up some new areas to explore. The first is in Coffee World, where you can explore Latte Lagoon. Head out onto the Dock area where you will find the Rhyme on the floor. It reads:

A Devil, with a prize, lured the animals two, To his boat all shiny and new, Who would float and who would sink? Asked the Devil with a wink, The Moose went splash, the Deer sailed on, But which one of them was therefore gone?

To solve this Nursery Rhyme, we should put the Moose Doll on the Wave, the Deer Doll on the Boat, and the Trickster Doll on the Ring. This will alter reality. Now look up and you should spot the Mr Drippy Charm on a floating red and blue ring

5. Outside the Watery Ranger Station

Dolls Required: Maiden, Bear

Reward: FBC Charm

If you head back into Coffee World and out of the entrance, you’ll find yourself near the Ranger Station, which was previously unreachable. Kill the enemies here, and head to the front door of the Ranger Station. Use the Screwdriver on the padlock to get inside.

Head upstairs and pick up the Maiden DollMonster Doll, and Bear Doll. Now head back downstairs and unlock the back door to head behind the Ranger Station and find the Nursery Rhyme. It reads:

A young Woman eager and smart, Ventured into the woods, the beasts’ lair, The King of the Forest stole her heart, And together they now live without a care.

For this put the Maiden Doll on the Tree and the Bear Doll on the Heart. With reality changed, head back upstairs to the bedroom. Here you will find the FBC Charm.

6. Trailer Park Dock

Dolls Required: Wise Elder, Bear

Reward: Coffee World Token Charm

Now head back to the Watery Trailer Park, and you can now explore the far end of it, given the water has receded. Head out onto the Dock area, and don’t forget to pick up the Child Doll from a bench on your way. Head left down the dock to find the Nursery Rhyme that reads:

The Old Fisherman had great luck, His catch at Sea was beyond belief, But the Hungry Guest found relief, In the Fisherman’s bountiful truck.

Place the Wise Elder Doll on the Waves and the Bear Doll on the Sweet. Now reality has changed, turn around and you will see a trail of fish. Follow them to a fish box back at the trailer park.

Be careful though as you will be attacked by a large enemy and some standard Taken too. Take them all down, and then head to the small covered area where the large Taken was standing and you should find the Coffee World Token Charm

7. Mobile Home in Downtown Watery

Dolls Required: Maiden, Trickster

Reward: Coffee Mug Charm

Armed with the screwdriver, you can now enter the mobile home that is behind the Suomi Bar in downtown Watery. Head inside and you will find another nursery rhyme, as well as some interesting documents. The Rhyme reads:

There once was a faithful Girl, At home she stayed and prayed, For her Lover to return, But he collected fair maidens just as he did, Their stolen riches and broken hearts.

Place the Maiden Doll on the House and the Trickster Doll on the Ring. When reality changes, head outside to find the Coffee Mug Charm in the mailbox.

8. Locked up Trailer


Dolls Required: Maiden, Trickster

Reward: Coffee Mug Charm

This is the only Watery Nursery Rhyme you couldn’t get during your main time here. You need to return here after you have finished the third Overlap and have acquired the Boltcutters.

With these Boltcutters, you can now access a Trailer in the Trailer Park, that has a fence around it, that is locked by a tough padlock that can only be opened with Boltcutters. Head on over to it and access this new trailer.

Inside you will find the familiar setup of a Nursery Rhyme on the floor in a side room. It reads:

The Old Man who could not see, Had no children of his own, So he cared for a Fawn not yer grown, For the Deer for his was dear, And filled his life with love.

For this solution put the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye and the Deer Doll on the Heart.

Pick up the dolls and turn around to be faced with an enemy in a Deer mask. They’re not that strong. Then pick up the Deerfest Charm on a low chest of drawers to the left of the doorway where they came from.

Congratulations, you’ve now found every Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme in Watery.

Bright Falls locations & solutions

1. Campsite in woods near Bright Falls

Dolls Required: Mother, Child

Reward: Lantern Charm

As you begin your journey to the Nursing Home in Chapter 5, you will come across a hut which is a safe room. From hear you’ll want to head ahead and right, up a slope to come across a campsite on a hill.

The Rhyme reads:

Mother, may I go outside, may I run and play? I say to you my Daughter dear, go outside and play, But only in the light of day and only ’round the trees so grown, Never near the lake my child, and never may you drown.

For this solution simply put the Mother Doll on the House and the Child Doll on the Tree. Now with reality changed, head back down the slope towards the Safe House and you will find the Lantern Charm on the ground. Watch out for Wolves which will likely have spawned though.

2. The Bright Falls Ranger Station

Dolls Required: Monster, Child

Reward: Coffee Mug Charm

The rest of the Nursery Rhymes in Bright Falls can be found after finishing the Overlap in the Nursing Home in Chapter 5. This is because you have access to the areas previously cut off by water, and also, the Bolt Cutters to access previously closed-off areas. Your first port of call should be the Ranger Station to the southeast of the Nursing Home. Make your way in courtesy of the screwdriver on the padlocked front door, and to a room on the ground floor behind a closed door. There you shall find the following Nursery Rhyme:

A child needs their Mother to keep them safe, And a home as their hiding place, Because outside the Monsters roam and chase, When they ring your doorbell, don’t yell, Don’t tell them to go away, Give them treats and pray, They won’t rock your house down to the ground.

For this place the Child Doll on the House and the Monster Doll on the Sweet. As reality changes, you should hear a doorbell ring. Head to the front door to find a splattering of dark muck, and now footsteps leading upstairs. Follow them all the way to the bath, and then again to the bedroom to find the Coffee Mug Charm.

3. On the Shoreline

Dolls Required: Monster, Mother, Child

Reward: Valhalla Nursing Home Charm

With the water receded, we can now access the shoreline. Explore it to the northeast of the Rangers Station to find another Rhyme on the ground. It reads:

To the beach a Child went wandering, Pretty, shiny rocks she’s gathering, But from the water a Monster rose, A horrible beast with a pointy nose, A flapping wing and dragging toes! But the Child was wrong, it was her Mother all along, On a boat grabbing a towel that;s already gone.

For this one place the Monster Doll on the Waves, the Child Doll on the Ring, and the Mother Doll on the Boat. This will alter reality, so head down the shoreline a little for your prize. Most notably, watch out for a couple of water-dwelling Taken that have spawned and take them out first. Then grab the Valhalla Nursing Home Charm.

4. Billie’s Boatyard

Dolls Required: Monster, Mother

Reward: Anchor Charm

Keep heading East until you reach Billie’s Boatyard. Head out on to the second protruding dock you come across, and you will see the final Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme on the ground. It reads:

Five little Monsters out on the sea, Competing to see who the winner will be, They rocked their boats to find out who floats, Until one little monster did fall, Mama called our to the Sea and cried, And the Sea she replied: “On the bottom they will rot if they will not stop rocking their boats.”

For this place the Monster Doll on the Boat and the Mother Doll on the Waves. The black muck will lead you back up the pier and into Billie’s Boatyard. Be careful though because you’ll need to duel with plenty of enemies (the representation of the five monsters), including Taken. Once they’re all dead, follow the trail to find the Anchor Charm.

Congratulations, you’ve now found every Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme in Bright Falls.

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