Alan Wake 2 bolt cutters | Where to find the bolt cutters

by on October 27, 2023

Alan Wake 2 bolt cutters are not an early game item, but you will spend a huge amount of time wondering where they are. Saga will find gates that need bolt cutters early on, and even comment that she needs them, so you’ll be aware of the item pretty quickly. However, those hoping to take a quick journey to find the Alan Wake 2 bolt cutters are going to be in for a bit of a disappointment, because they are story related, and come quite late on.

So with that in mind, before you go any further, we can tell you right up front: if you are playing the game through and haven’t found them yet, you can click away knowing you cannot miss them as they’re part of the story. That said, if for some reason you want to be spoiled, you can go ahead and keep reading. But you’ll need to play a good two thirds of Saga’s section before you get the Alan Wake 2 bolt cutters.

Spoilers ahead!

Where are the bolt cutters?

Alan Wake 2 bolt cutters

Way into the story as Saga, you will end up going to a care home for the elderly. Here you will find out more about Saga’s family, and her grandparents. You will eventually be led into another Overlap where you keep looping, and eventually end up using a similar mechanic to Alan Wake’s light clicker. When you get to a room with some switches, you’re nearly there.

Solve the puzzle (it’s simple, turn the light on, then the next one, and fight a large enemy), and then backtrack with the cupboard key to access the bolt cutters. You’ll need to use them to progress further into the Overlap, and once you’ve finished all of that story section, you now have freedom to go back and open previous gates, clearing out caches, and more end-game content. We recommend going back to Bright Falls and near the docs, using them, to get an inventory storage upgrade!

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