Alan Wake is coming to Dead By Daylight

by on January 10, 2024

In one of its coolest collaborations to date, Dead By Daylight will be welcoming Alan Wake to The Fog as its newest Survivor. Behaviour Interactive has teamed with Remedy Entertainment to bring the iconic character to its co-op horror survival game on January 30, however, there’s also a time-limited public test-build that will allow players to see the famous writer right now via Steam. Dead By Daylight will feature both the likeness of actor Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta, the actor who has voiced Alan Wake throughout the franchise, with brand new lines of dialogue coming to the newest chapter.

“As I searched for a way out, for a little light in the dark, I recalled a script I wrote for Night Springs about a place engulfed in fog. As those memories poured back, the same fog surrounded me. Once again, I find myself in an unfamiliar place—trapped. I need to find a way out. I don’t know why, but I know rewriting that script is key.”

“Since it first launched back in 2010, Alan Wake has been a huge influence to us on the Dead by Daylight team,” says Mathieu Coté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive. “From broad themes to specific elements, both our games already feel connected in many ways. This is a character we always thought would be right at home in the Dead by Daylight universe. To finally see Alan come to the Fog as a Survivor feels like a full-circle moment, especially as the recently released second entry in the franchise is still fresh in player’s minds.”

“We are thrilled and honored to have Alan Wake enter the Fog of Dead by Daylight,” says Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment. “From our early excited conversations on about our collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, it was clear that the lore of both games were surprisingly compatible, drawing from many similar inspirations, a true match in… hell. With Alan Wake 2 now out, the time is right for another nightmare to begin.”

As well as Alan Wake coming to Dead By Daylight, there’s also a special limited-time Modifier called Lights Out arriving in the coming weeks, which offer brand new adjustments to the existing Trial format that offer players a “unique and exciting experience.”