AMD updates their Gaming Evolved client with new recording features

by on March 18, 2016

AMD’s gameplay recording suite Gaming Evolved has been updated with a bunch of new features to improve your user experience.

The new features bring the service into line with what is offered by the PS4 and Xbox One, with automated recording and a video editing suite alongside integration for certain games.

Here’s the new features:

  • Recording begins automatically when you play; no need to remember to turn it on
  • Captures the entire session (like a replay) so you’ll never miss a moment and automatically deletes older videos to save storage space
  • Drop a bookmark with a hotkey whenever something cool happens to make a 30 sec clip
  • Records your webcam, mic, and mouse clicks
  • Includes a video editor so you can showcase only the best parts
  • Create highlight reels simply by selecting multiple clips

The titles with integrated features will include those with big online communities like League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The suite will use algorithms to collate your highlights and edit it together for you, so you can share it online with little to no editing.

If you have an AMD card the update is ready now, just restart the client to download the latest update.

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