AMD announces Ryzen PRO for businesses across the world

by on June 29, 2017

AMD just announced the Ryzen PRO Desktop processors lineup.

Ryzen PRO PCs will serve businesses worldwide through security and performance improvements from the previous AMD Pro generation. These have been engineered to meet the demands of today’s security and performance needs for businesses worldwide. Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Computing and Graphics Group, Jim Anderson, had the following to say about Ryzen PRO:

“Today marks another important step in our journey to bring innovation and excitement back to the PC industry: the launch of our Ryzen PRO desktop CPUs that will bring disruptive levels of performance to the premium commercial market. Offering a significant leap in generational performance, leadership multi-threaded performance, and the first-ever 8-core,16-thread CPU for commercial-grade PCs, Ryzen PRO provides a portfolio of technology choices that meet the evolving needs of businesses today and tomorrow.”

The lineup has up to 52% improvement in computing capabilities and also supports security features and standards like secure boot, fTPM, AES, and more in addition to silicon level security with hardware based cryptography technologies.

Ryzen PRO based PCs will be available in the latter half of 2017 with Ryzen PRO Mobile arriving in the first half of 2018.