Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo head to be released on vinyl

by on October 25, 2016

After doing a superb job with the No Man’s Sky soundtrack, Laced looks to Final Fantasy.

After selling out shows worldwide, Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo head to vinyl thanks to Laced Records. The vinyl releases will be triple LP sets and there will also be 2CD options available to the people who still buy audio CDs. Here’s a teaser video from a performance:

Preorders are now live and you can preorder here on Laced Records’ site. Final Symphony has arrangements from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X. Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo features music from across Square Enix’s catalogue including the likes of Kingdom Hearts and Chrono Trigger. Pricing for the various versions is available below:

Final Symphony Deluxe Triple Vinyl: €44 / $45
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Deluxe Triple Vinyl: €44 / $45
Final Symphony Deluxe Double CD: €14 / $15
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Deluxe Double CD: €14 / $15
Final Symphony – Triple Vinyl & Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Triple Vinyl BUNDLE: €78 / $80
Final Symphony Double CD & Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Double CD BUNDLE: €24 / $25
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Limited Edition Art Print (500 only): €24 / $25

The releases are scheduled for December 2016.

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