Steam Autumn Sale is now live

by on November 23, 2016

The Steam Autumn Sale is now live and your wallet is not ready.

Valve just hit the big red button that turned on the Steam sale. The Autumn sale includes the ability to vote for the Steam Awards as well. The categories are mentioned on the Steam Awards page. There are some interesting categories on the page that you can visit. Here are some highlights from the Steam Autumn Sale:

– 33% off on Stardew Valley
– 50% off on Undertale
– 50% off on GTA V
– 67% off on Doom
– 50% off on Clannad
– 40% off on Darkest Dungeon
– 40% off on Firewatch

There are a ton more deals on the main store page. Check your wishlist. The sale will go on until November 29.