Nintendo Switch clock speeds revealed, slower than expected: Report

by on December 19, 2016

Digital Foundry and Eurogamer have posted the clock speeds for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch.

We expected a performance boost when the Switch runs in docked mode and the report on Eurogamer confirms that the Switch will be much faster when docked. In addition to that, the Switch will also not run the Tegra X1 at full potential. While the CPU speed will be fixed in docked and portable mode at 1020MHz, the GPU will vary greatly. In fact in portable mode, the GPU will be clocked at 307.2MHz which is 40% of the docked 768MHz.

Developers will also get to set the profile to run games at portable mode even when docked for consitency. The Nintendo Switch will be shown off with games (from third parties as well hopefully) at the January event. We’re getting closer to the launch in March with every passing day.

Thanks, Eurogamer.