Podcast: Two halves of splendor (07/06/17)

by on June 6, 2017

Because it’s been a while, and because we love you so, we’ve got a special podcast for you this week (or we’ve just stuck two weeks worth of podcasts together. But we do love you!). In part one of the podcast, Chris is joined by Dan to talk about RiME, Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3, PES 2017, Tokyo 42, and what we want to see at E3. In the second part of the podcast, Chris, Nicola and Gary talk all things racing and fighting (with a little bit of shooting), as Tekken 7, Dirt 4, WipEout Omega Collection, and Injustice 2 take to the floor. There’s also more chatter about E3, and what Microsoft could possibly do to make one last ditch attempt at keeping the Xbox One alive. Enjoy!

Games we talk about:

The Walking Dead Season 3
PES 2017
Tokyo 42
Tekken 7
Dirt 4
WipEout Omega Collection
Injustice 2
Titanfall 2

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