Marvelous Europe and XSEED announce new Senran Kagura and Fate/EXTELLA localizations

by on April 11, 2018

Marvelous Europe and XSEED announce various game localizations for consoles and PC.

Senran Kagura Burst’s remake will be heading to the West on PS4 and PC as Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura will be localized on the Switch (I can’t believe it is getting localized having played the Japanese release already) as Senran Kagura Reflexions. Fate/EXTELLA: LINK is coming to EU and NA on PS4 and Vita (Digital only). Watch the trailer for the announcements below:

This year, Marvelous Europe and XSEED will release SENRAN KAGURA BURST RE:NEWAL for PS4 and PC, SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions for Nintendo Switch, and Fate/EXTELLA: LINK for PS4 and PS Vita. Read my review of the previous Fate/EXTELLA game here.