Podcast #292: A Screaming Ball of Rage

by on April 18, 2018

As you can imagine, this week is all about God of War on PS4. Adam Cook has played through it, and is here to tell you exactly why he agrees with Chris’ 10/10 scoring review. Elsewhere, Gary and Adam Carroll are still playing through Far Cry 5, and there’s been some surprise announcements in the news this week.

Firstly Hellblade won lots at the BAFTAs, Shenmue 1 and 2 are coming back, Football Manager is out on Switch, and Xbox has been doing some more cool backwards compatibility stuff.

Obviously there’s a puppy update for Patreons, as well as some music reviews and Star Wars chat. Pay $1 a month to get the premium podcast which is delivered earlier and longer for your aural pleasure.

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