Microsoft shows content plan for Sea of Thieves in E3 2018 press conference

by on June 11, 2018

Microsoft restated its commitment to Rare’s pirating adventure game, Sea of Thieves by showcasing trailers for two new content updates due to release later this year.

First up in July, Cursed Sails will release and bring with it a new threat in the form of skeleton ships. They will be introduced to the world by way of a time-limited campaign and will provide a challenge for players to take on for exclusive rewards. In addition, a new ship type will be introduced called the Brigantine that will allow crews of up to three players to adventure on.

In September, Forsaken Shores will release revealing a new part of the world, featuring a volcanic area for crews to navigate through. This update will also include a Row Boat for players to use that will assist them in navigating the perilous new area.

Also included in the announcement is a confirmation that regular in game events will begin on 12 June where the time-limited Skeleton Thrones event will be introduced. The events will give players new goals and rewards on a regular basis.