Google Assistant comes to Nvidia Shield

by on July 3, 2018

Nvidia adds Google Assistant to Nvidia Shield.

Google Assistant is available as an app on iOS if you don’t have an Android device and in Google Home. It is now on Nvidia Shield allowing media control and more. Shield can also be used to control other media devices like Chromecast now. This version of Google Assistant is optimised for TV with movie cards and more. It can also detect hot words like “Ok Google” to be handsfree. Some of the commands possible are below:

“Show me popular Netflix shows”
“Watch Homeland on Netflix”
“Dim the living room lights in the Living Room”*
“Who is the Mother of Dragons”
“Show me my pictures from Egypt”
“Open my Nest camera”**
“Play Katy Perry’s Dark Horse on YouTube”
“What are Oscar Nominated Movies with Tom Hanks”
“Ask Asda to add more crisps and beer to my shopping list”
“Who won the London Irish Vs Bath rugby game?”
“Set a reminder for me to take the car in for a service”
“Play a Lullaby in the Baby’s room”

Google Assistant is now on Nvidia Shield devices.