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Nvidia Shield Drops in Price by $50 and the Launch Date is Set

by on June 20, 2013

Nvidia has dropped the price of their new handheld console and announced a concrete release date.

Originally, Nvidia Shield’s price was set at $349, but today the company announced that the new RRP would be $299. On their blog, they said that they listened to the consumers who weren’t keen on the initial price so dropped it by $50. Anyone who pre-ordered the Shield at $349 will now pay the lower figure.

The console will be available from a week today – June 27. When first shown off, the possibilities of the system were discussed by many, with playing PC games on the 5 inch screen being one of the most exciting to the masses.

Like Microsoft’s abolishment of its DRM policies, this is another example of the general public speaking up and major companies deciding to listen.

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