Stardom Returns to Fire Pro Wrestling World

by on March 5, 2020

Our very own Chris White rather enjoyed Fire Pro Wrestling World, noting that it’s “the best wrestling game on the market,” which seems especially notable in the wake of WWE 2K20’s woes.

Spike Chunsoft’s take on the genre is still going strong in 2020, bolstered by the latest DLC, which brings 11 of Japan’s leading women’s professional wrestling promotion, Stardom, into Fire Pro Wrestling World.


In the Fire Pro Wrestling World – World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 DLC (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?) players can look forward to bringing these 11 wrestlers into their roster:

Saki Kashima
Tamu Nakano
Saya Iida
Bea Priestley
Natsuko Tora
Sumire Natsu
Death Yama-san
Saya Kamitani

With the exception of Konami and Bea Priestly, every one of them includes their entrance theme. There are no exceptions when it comes to the signature moves, costumes and voices, though.


Fire Pro Wrestling World is out now on PlayStation 4 and Steam. The World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 DLC is also out now on PlayStation 4 (£15.99) and Steam (£15.49).