Story-driven exploration game Cloudpunk coming April 23 for PC

by on March 6, 2020

Berlin-based developer ION LANDS has announced that their story-driven exploration game Cloudpunk will be coming to PC on April 24. Set in the immense vertical city of Nivalis, Cloudpunk sees you play as a courier driver called Rania, where you’ll unlock the mysteries of a corporate conspiracy, meet a wide range of characters, and explore a rain-soaked neon metropolis.

“As massive cyberpunk genre fans we had plenty of chances to make a game about shooting people in a futuristic city. With Cloudpunk we wanted to instead focus on what it’s like to experience a cyberpunk city, to live in there as a struggling delivery driver,” says Marko Dieckmann, studio head of ION LANDS. “At its core, Cloudpunk is about what it takes to make it in a city. Whether that city is New York in the ‘80s, San Francisco today, or some futuristic city a thousand years from now. The richness and character and struggles are familiar to everyone everywhere.”

The games features will include:

  • Exploration of an immensely vertical cyberpunk city with your hovercar or onfoot
  • The opportunity to unravel mysteries in a world of corporate conspiricies, hackers, and rogue AI
  • A diverse range of characters and the chance to immerse yourself in their everyday lives
  • Important decisions to make which will have a lasting effect on Nivalis’ inhabitants
  • Hidden places, items, and additional unlockable stories

You can watch the trailer for Cloudpunk below: