Drown are now shipping new tactile gaming earphones

by on June 9, 2020

We all want the best quality audio in our games, and now more than ever games use immersive audio to direct you to incoming threats. Fortunately a Scottish based audio hardware company has your needs at heart, and Drown are now shipping new tactile gaming earphones.

“A new way to experience gaming audio, Drown tactile earphones use tactile transmission of audio waves to deliver a fully immersive gaming experience. Drown gives players the power to perceive their in-game surrounding as if it were a real-life physical space, delivering precise spatial awareness that gives gamers the edge they need to dominate during play.

Drown’s technology was created and patented by Canadian sound engineer Mark O’Callaghan, who set out to change the audio landscape. Recognising the importance of audio, music and spatial awareness in gaming, Mark partnered with Silicon Valley design veteran David Law to take Drown from prototype to mass production. They have assembled a crack team of gamers, designers, and engineers, all focused on enhancing gaming audio for a unique and totally new experience. Drown is now shipping their first units to Indiegogo backers, expected to arrive in June 2020.

So how does it work? Drown is proud to be the world’s first tactile audio platform to use all three audio pathways to players’ brain for deeply enhanced audio realism. Using patented waveguide technology, sound is guided to the ear canal without reflection in the outer ear, providing a fully immersive sound unlike any other. While over-the-ear headphones lose fidelity because of the distance between the speaker and the ear, Drown transmits the acoustic vibrations directly to the nerves and cartilage in your pinnae, enriching the bass and the overall sound quality.”

This innovation in audio hardware really could make a difference when playing games like Hunt: Showdown and PUBG. Backers and those with preorders will be receiving theirs soon.