Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2021

by on December 13, 2021

We realise it can be tough to find the best tech at Christmas time. There’s always that one person that can be difficult to buy for. Thankfully, our Christmas tech gift guide 2021 below will have plenty of variety to make it that little bit easier. Whatever you’re after, there’s something for everyone. Even that Granny that misses the fun days of the Wii, or the Uncle who needs a new pair of gaming headphones to trash talk those irritating youngsters on Call of Duty. Anyway, happy spending and have a wonderful Christmas.

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro headphones (£149.99)

While these are a higher-end present, they offer something quite unique. If you’ve an older child who disappears into their bedroom and never comes out (we’ve all been there), these might be ideal. While they offer noise cancelling so whoever is wearing them can lose themselves in the music, they also offer volume limiting. It’s a feature you often see on an iPhone, whereby you can stop volume going above a certain decibel limit so as not to damage ears.

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro headphones (£149.99)

These PuroPro headphones are completely wireless, safe for younger ears, and break down into a small form factor. They come with a case, and even a snazzy wooden presentation box as well. With a massive 32 hours maximum battery life and superb audio when it comes to bass, treble, and the mids, these won’t break the bank but offer a pro model of headphones.

JBL Quantum Duo PC Gaming Speakers (£149.99)

JBL Quantum Duo PC Gaming Speakers (£149.99)

As well as being priced incredibly competitively for two high quality speakers, there’s a secret within the JBL Quantum DUO PC speakers. Yes, you can cable them up as a set of speakers to give you the edge when it comes to competitive gaming. They are designed for crisp sound, after all. But they are also Bluetooth enabled, meaning while not technically a smart speaker, you can stream to them from any other bluetooth enabled device. But that isn’t the only cheeky extra inside the Quantum, no: they also light up with customisable LED visuals. There’s colour presets and lighting patterns to choose from, and they have JBL proprietary surround sound and Dolby Digital. A great bundle, and one we use in our office every day.

GameBall (£123 on offer)

GameBall is another premium offering, but one that has been designed for a specific use in mind. This promises to be the world’s first trackball mouse designed for gaming. Of course you can also use it for standard Windows use and it excels there, and even browsing the web is better with this thing. You can scroll through pages just swiping the specific function area on the GameBall. It even has a button to switch between left and right handed mode.

The man behind the GameBall itself knows this is a niche product, and probably aimed at the older generation. The idea is that instead of whipping your wrist around using a traditional mouse, you can move your cursor (or aim) with the trackball. Of course there’s plenty of reasons to use a trackball (mobility in the wrist, etc) but some people just prefer it.

Rapoo webcam series (£17.99 to £49.99)

We covered the Rapoo webcam range in a full review, breaking down all three models, back in September this year. But really, we still have’t seen a range come as close price or quality wise to these three cameras. There’s no 4K option, but 4K webcams really are a bit overkill. But seriously, for less than £20 you can get a 720p webcam to start streaming, meaning you can spend more money on better capture software for games, etc. Are they the very best on the market? No, but they are the most affordable and used with a decent, well lit room, they’ll do most people just fine.

Sades Battle Ram combo (£39.99)

This is a ridiculously priced combo of a keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat. For the price of less than a game you’ve got a decent (non mechanical) keyboard and RGB mouse, all wired up, with a mouse mat thrown in for good measure. As you can imagine, we type a lot here at GodisaGeek.com, and have had many expensive keyboards which, in truth, have often broken or started having issues. Somehow, this cheaper combo box has yet to let us down.

While the RGB lighting isn’t’ quite to the standard of something like a HyperX set, it’s a nice, non-distracting RGB setup. The mouse has 8 buttons, and again, we’re not talking top of the range Logitech or anything, but for £39.99 this is an excellent tree-present for a younger gamer, or someone who wants a quieter keyboard and isn’t snobbish about brand names.

Vertagear S-Line gaming chair (£200-300)

Vertagear S-Line gaming chair (£200-300)

If you’ve got kids of a certain age who like gaming, they will almost certainly be into a YouTuber or two. If so, they’re even more likely to have seen a gaming chair. You know the ones, nice chunky armrests, a high-back, and comfy headrest. Vertagear make high quality, affordable gaming chairs that are both heavy duty and comfortable. While the price isn’t super-low, it’s a good few hundred less than some on the market. The S-Line is fully adjustable and can support just over 23 stone of weight. You can even use PayPal credit to pay around £13 a month for one. What’s not to like?

Hyper-X QuadCast Condenser Gaming Mic (£89.99)

Hyper-X QuadCast Condenser Gaming Mic

A decent mid-range mic can be hard to choose. There are so many out there, all offering different featurtes, that it can be difficult to know which is best for you – especially if you’re just starting out. But the Hyper-X QuadCast Gaming Mic is a great option. It comes with a built in shock mount for a start, which is great if you’re using it as part of a streaming set-up. It also has an internal pop filter, and a programmable RGB function using Hyper-X’s NGENUITY software. The set-up is super simple (although it does require a slightly older USB 2.0 cable, which is provided). With a range of polar patterns and easy integration with TeamSpeak, Discord, and StreamLabs OBS, it’s an affordable, durable and good-looking option for anyone looking for a high-quality mic that won’t break the bank.

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