Deliver Us Mars release date revealed along with first gameplay trailer

by on June 8, 2022

Frontier Foundry has today revealed that the Deliver Us Mars release date will be September 27, coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Along with the announcement of the game’s launch, the very first gameplay trailer has been revealed, and you’ll be able to watch it below.

Deliver Us Mars follows Kathy Johanson of the Zephyr space shuttle who has been tasked with retrieving colonisation vessels known as ARKs from a shadowy organisation called Outward. Kathy’s personal story will interweave with the overall narrative, connecting the dots regarding her relationship with her father Isaac who joined Outward on its escape to Mars, leaving her behind when she was a child. Despite her quest to save humanity, a mysterious message from Mars fuels Kathy’s journey to reconnect with the past.

From the trailer, it seems as though Deliver Us Mars will be much more ambitious than its predecessor, Deliver Us The Moon. Players will solve complex puzzles, go scuba diving, float in zero gravity, and execute launch sequences inside a spaceship. The planet’s landscape looks substantially large, meaning there’ll be plenty to explore, along with the enormous ARK vessels, icy valleys, and abandoned colonies. It looks to have plenty of potential, and those waiting just have to hold on for a few more months before they get the opportunity to travel to the red planet.

On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, players will be able to experience an enhanced experience, thanks to real time ray traced shadows and reflections, with more console-specific functionality being announced by the developers at a later date. If you’re planning on tuning into the PC Gaming Show on June 12, the voice actress for Kathy will be introduced for the first time.