Quriocity is a sci-fi city builder that’s just hit Steam Early Access

by on October 14, 2022

As surprise launches go, Quriocity looks like it could be pretty cool. It’s a sci-fi city builder game that has launched into Early Access on Steam today. As well as building, you’ll also have to take part in the “colony management simulator” aspects of the game.

Starting on a barren cosmic wasteland with a handful of colonists and with limited resources, players must develop their tech and expand their territory and influence into a bountiful metropolis capable of defending its population from a host of threats, including fires, thieves, and deadly infections.

Quriocity has players take command as the leader of the ‘Quriocity 1 Mission’, whose objective is to establish a colony for human space explorers. Colonists can be assigned to a number of professions, and it is up to the player to decide what role these colonists play in the colony based on the current focus and needs of the population as a whole. Keeping colonists happy is a balancing act in itself, with players needing to keep a close eye on food, energy, and housing to keep them happy, productive, and, most importantly, alive. Building specialist structures will provide the foundations for success. Most units depend on a specific cluster building, which can be upgraded to be more efficient and more effective as time goes on.


However, it is a delicate balance between doing things by the book and getting creative, as random events can disrupt the colony at any time. By building the required units, players will be ready to face the many challenges that present themselves on this alien planet thousands of light years away from Earth. Quriocity has been built with a clean, easy to undersand UI that makes managing this much easier. Players will be alerted to something going wrong instantly, giving them time to take action before it’s too late whether it is an outbreak of disease or fire..

When not fighting fires, players may want to take some time to beautify their colony and put their own stamp of human personality on the otherwise barren and hostile lunar landscape. Green spaces can be created and filled with trees, water fountains can be placed and even monuments erected to celebrate the growing greatness of the colony. Each decorative option has a fully changeable colour palette too, and creations can be shown off with the Colony Tour feature giving players a fly-over of their deep-space domain.


  • Start with a small foothold on an unexplored planet and build it into a bustling metropolis as you manage energy, housing, and food
  • Defend the colony from threats ranging from devastating disease to industrial fires
  • Research and advance through technology trees and upgrade buildings
  • Over 40 units will be available in-game in the Early Access version
  • Test yourself if you’re a seasoned city-builder with a number of difficulty modes
  • Marvel at your handy work with the Colony Tour, then share with the community

Quriocity is out now on Steam Early Access for $17.00.